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Nov 1, 2020

Bud Brutsman began producing television in 1992, creating documentary content for networks, including HBO, The Discovery Channel, TLC and A&E.  By 1997, he endeavored to take his involvement in the entertainment industry to the next level; acting as CEO, executive producer and founder of his own production company (BCII).  Since its inception, BCII has produced over 60 television series and myriad commercial content over 23 years.

In addition to his television talents, Bud is an avid desert racing enthusiast and was a member of the original Ford Raptor development team and a member of the Ford off road racing team.

Bud's interests and influence don't stop there.  He's also a creator of one of the longest running Mixed Martial Arts promotions, King of the Cage.  His organization has hosted some of the most memorable fights between top tier talent in the history of the sport. 

We spend quite a bit of this conversation talking about the old school days of MMA, but we round out the conversation with tales of racing and a decision that I still regret to this day.