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Nov 24, 2020

Her name is Kimberley Milousis. Wife of Steve, mother of four, lover of God, gardener of…her garden and head honcho of Empowered Living. She's a CPA tax-specialist turned essential oil expert which, as you can likely conclude, also means she's mildly eccentric and moderately crazy — add to that “gloriously imperfect” and you’ve got a pretty good idea of who she is.

Kimberley is addicted to growth. That’s why she loves gardening and why she lives for seeing others become the very best version of themselves. Always on the move, Kim knows that there are organizations to build, lives to touch and new essential oil recipes to try.  Hugely efficient and productive, Kim just doesn't always know what she's doing before she does it!

Kimberley was previously a six-figure income earner in a senior position at one of the largest chartered accounting firms in the world. She had a beautiful window office that over-looked Lake Ontario. But instead of feeling like she had “arrived”, Kimberley felt locked-in and shut-away from real life. She was never satisfied inside her office because she knew she was meant to live for so much more. But the way to more is often so unsure. Kimberley's job was secure. The pay was great, the office was beautiful, her benefits were amazing; but she couldn’t help but feel that she had sold her soul. So, she decided to take a leap.