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Nov 1, 2020

In 2007, author Jenesse Aurandt lost her battle with breast cancer, but not before making Leana promise to “write a book someday.” She had never written (other than in journals), but Jenesse saw something in her and insisted.

Because of Jenesse, she plays with words.

When Jenesse personal story and joy-filled attitude in the face of adversity changed her life forever, Leana felt compelled to mentor others.

Because of Jenesse, she speaks.

When she missed their rich, heartfelt, and often hilarious conversations, Leana yearned for more of the same.

Because of Jenesse, she hosts a podcast for women.

Leana Dell is a firm believer that through exposure to exceptional people, we're better able to connect to ourselves. So, let's be purposeful in where we spend our time and put our efforts. Your greatest challenges, too, may  facilitate your greatest joys.