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Nov 1, 2020

Mano Guiragossian is a marketer with a demonstrated history of working with various companies and startups.  After immigrating from war for 3 times, he started his career in marketing in 2017 as an intern and rapidly excelled to lead a +10 person team.

Afterwards, Mano started collaborating with various start-ups and brands globally and helped them to do over $1M in sales using social media and other digital marketing strategies.

By the end of 2019, he launched The Perspective Podcast to interview young and successful entrepreneurs with a mission to inspire the young generation about the huge opportunities and possibilities in today’s world for people who are willing to conquer their goals.

In September 2019 Mano started working with Team GaryVee on Gary Vaynerchuk’s Arabic content to help him bring his message to the Middle East.